Phillips  x  Blackbird  x  Noble & Graff

27th May 2019 
Hong Kong Auction (Sports)

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What an immense honour for us to share the stage with the esteemed auction house Phillips and automobile extraordinaire Blackbird Automotive Group in this thematic auction.

As an avid traveller, trunks have always been loyal companions in my life. As a passionate watch collector, I have gained insight into how a quality case is the ultimate home of our prized timepieces.

The intricate art of trunk-making is nothing short of comparison to fine watch engineering. Every individual part is fashioned to precision without the need to refer defects as a ‘feature’ of being handmade. For us at Noble & Graff, only top-notch quality resonates with us. If any detail comes up as less than quintessential, our dedicated craftsmen simply remake it until it breathes absolute impeccability. In a world of fast-paced production, our uncompromising workmanship is what makes our creations delicate art pieces in their own right.

In this collaboration, our team has brought into existence specialist leather trunks to accommodate the watches in the auction. Inspired by one of our debut designs from years ago (‘The Cube’ jewellery case), these statement trunks are an exquisite symphony of Blackbird’s air of mysteriousness (matte black leather) and Phillips’ sophistication (light grey linings echoing its monochromatic colour theme). The trunk is also partly based on our much-loved watch nightstand, which can be placed on the side table and can convert your watch into an evening clock.

Each of our objects of desire is entirely handcrafted from scratch by our masterly skilled crafts team, paying homage to centuries-old leather, metal and wood-making techniques. Capturing the best of this heritage, the trunks are protected by sumptuous scratch-resistant leather from the United Kingdom. Hand-painted personalisation is also available on request, as true refinement finds its roots in distinctiveness.

Again we would like to express our utmost gratitude to Mr. TK of Blackbird and Mr. Aurel Bacs of Phillips for entrusting this project to the hands of Noble & Graff. Sharing the same language of dedication and aesthetics, it is one dream realised indeed.