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Noble And Graff

Carolyn Bag - Sherwood Forest Spring

Carolyn Bag - Sherwood Forest Spring

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The Carolyn bag represents everything but the status quo. With its classy silhouette and undeniable presence, it is glamour personified. This sturdily constructed beauty is a hybrid of artistry and functionality, befitting a multitude of styles and occasions, smoothly transitioning from day to night. It sets sartorial hearts racing with its distinctive shape, and its delicate long handles exuding the most gentility nestling in the crook of your comfortable wrist.


The classic and time-honoured trunk-style leather corner brackets and base studs from the early days give the bag the secure protection it needs. The hand-shaped and lightweight stainless steel lid structure pledges that the bag does not end up misshapen over the years, as we adhere to our golden rule that style is made to last. Every idiosyncratic detail is hand-fashioned from scratch with superlative craftsmanship, which means that its annual production is only limited to an exclusive few. 


Size: 20 (w) x 11 (d) x 26 (h) cm

Waiting List: 2-4 months

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